"Every marketing effort begins with good copy..." 

Rebecca Matter -  President of American Writers & Artists, Inc. (AWAI)


You may be surprised to know that direct-response copywriting,

which is just one form of copywriting, is a $2.3 trillion global

industry! And with social media and internet marketing moving

at the speed o flight, that figure is rapidly growing, as is the ever-

increasing demand for good copywriters.

Today, businesses generate 32 billion emails daily to promote and sell their products. Google alone logs more than 53 billion users daily worldwide ... and social media giants Facebook and LinkedIn are gaining fast. It's no secret that the best way to inform, educate and engage potential clients is through the use of persuasive, compelling copy. Words matter!

As a trained copywriter, my primary purpose and passion is to create quality copy that will propel your business forward and dramatically increase your bottom line.

Here are a just a few select services that Colman Copywriting can provide:

·         SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Content Planning or Copy Rewrite

·         Sales-letters

·         Lead-generation pages

·         Individual Email promos (such as PPC and Banner Ads)

·         Online Articles

·         Case Studies, White Papers and Press Releases

·         Advertorial or Editorial Articles

·         Direct-mail packages to generate leads

·         Video Scripts

In addition to these services, and other forms of advertorial and editorial copy, Colman Copywriting also provides a host of other writing services, such as: Proofreading, Editing, Internet research and 

Ghost-writing ... So let me know how Colman Copywriting can help to transform your bottom line TODAY!


Peter Colman                            "Imagination is the elixir of life...!"

P. T. Barnum