Greetings! My name is Peter Colman.

Thank you for choosing Colman Copywriting

to help fulfill your copy needsI want to assure

you - right out of the gate - that I will devote myself to

youand to your personal business successAfter all, 

YOUR real concern today - and every day - is to

create the kind of professional, persuasive copy that will 

attract potential clients and increase sales!

As an individual entrepreneur, business owner and/or career professional, you alone understand the value and uniqueness  of your product. As a professional copywriter, my concern is to be client-focused ... and that means understanding both who you are as a client, as well as the particular passion that fuels your desire to succeed.

Our mutual success depends upon my ability as a copywriter to make your passion and your love for your product my own. As a life-long writer and trained copywriter, I am uniquely equipped to deliver relevant, client-focused custom copy.  You see, Colman Copywriting is not so much about me, as it is about YOU!

I suspect that what you really need right now is a seasoned wordsmith ... And what you really want is a copywriter who has the skills to take a raw idea and forge a formidable sales weapon! If I'm right, and that's your desire, then you've come to the right place.  So here, in a nutshell, is my rock-solid promise to you: I will strive to create clear, compelling copy that's worthy of the uniqueness of your product, capable of attracting new clients, catapulting sales, and transforming your bottom line!

From lead-generating e-mail copy - and other forms of advertorial and editorial content -

to longer salesletters, newsletters and white papers, and much more...

The choice is absolutely yours. 'Your wish' is, quite literally, 'my command...' At the end of the day, I will work tirelessly with you and for you to provide the kind of quality copy that you require and deserve to make your business succeed.

That is my ironclad promise to you.

Dr. Peter L. Colman

P.S. In the words of one extraordinary human being - legendary copywriter and communication titan - the late Herschell Gordon Lewis, to whom I shall ever be gratefully indebted: 

"...Clarity is the first commandment!"